What’s the difference between deegree and deegree Enterprise Edition?


deegree Enterprise Edition contains functional enhancements, which are vital for operations and administration in Computer Centers. These enhancements are not part of the Community Edition. Our Whitepaper gives full details.


deegree Enterprise Edition is Open Source but at the same time you charge License Fees? How does that work?


It does make sense. Indeed, deegree is subject to LGPL 2.1 and can be used according to these rules. But even if the license is free, Open Source is never free.


Enhancements, maintenance and support always cost money. deegree also requires continuous maintenance.


In order to cover these costs, we offer a different license model for deegree Enterprise Edition. deegree Enterprise is not Open Source in a strict sense (see also the question below), but it is free of license fees and may be freely used. What we charge for is the Maintenance Contract we offer for professional users. That way, maintenance fees are being distributed evenly and don't affect single parties. In addition, the maintenance contracts allow the continuous development of new software versions.


deegree Enterprise Edition is Open Source. Where can I get the sources?


That’s not quite true. deegree itself is Open Source, the source code can be downloaded from github. However this is not possible for the deegree Enterprise Edition. Reason is that we guarantee deegree Enterprise’s software quality and we only can assure that if none other than the deegree Consortium is able to change the sources. In this sense degree Enterprise Edition is not Open Source.


What if I just wait? Will the functions of the deegree Enterprise Edition be part of the Community Edition sooner or later?


You can always wait. But bear in mind, that the Enterprise Edition and the Community Edition of deegree pursue different entrepreneurial objectives. While the Enterprise Edition must be primarily error-free and stable, the Community Edition is supposed to be open for new stuff and follow individual requirements. Both development lines will have to be synchronized regularly, but there is not so much as a schedule or a list of future functions.


What is the main benefit of the deegree Enterprise Edition?


Along with additional functions, deegree Enterprise Edition supplies tailored components for the operation on current server infrastructures. The deegree consortium makes sure, that deegree Enterprise Edition runs on clearly defined software stacks. In addition to a stack, based on Open Source components and consisting of Apache Tomcat, Open JDK and Postgres with PostGIS, dEE also supports an Oracle Stack with Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle JDK and Oracle.


The deegree Consortiums objective is to ensure the further development and enhancement of deegree Enterprise Edition. This will be guaranteed via maintenance contracts. In addition, we see that our customer's software will be stable and high- performance. To this end, we offer support contracts. Our benefit? We sincerely hope to establish a steady cooperation based on partnership - to our mutual benefit.


Why should I use Professional Services? So far, I got along quite well on my own.


Nobody is obliged to make use of the deegree consortium's professional services. But for many clients, however, the operation of a geodata infrastructure is neither part of their core business, nor do they have enough time and human resources to get seriously involved in the subject. For these customers, we want to provide services tailored to their needs. Depending on the customer's needs, we offer everything: From single support services to processing the entire operation.